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Our First #HackLab Idea

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Back in April we launched #HackLab as a new feature in the community, so that our members can suggest ideas for BMU and we can share with them what we’re working on. I’m very pleased to announce that we have just gone live with our first #HackLab idea suggested by our community members!

The idea itself is simple – customers can now view and download receipts for every payment they make to Back Me Up, from within their Dashboard – but will make a big difference to some of our customers. For those that are paying on a company card for example, a receipt displaying our company VAT number is an essential HMRC requirement. Having the ability to download these from their own Dashboard in PDF format will be a big time-saver.

This idea is a great example of the #HackLab in action, it has revealed a pain point for certain customers and based on their feedback we have worked together to develop and implement a solution. Going forward #HackLab will reveal many more of these pain points and help us to build an even better Back Me Up experience for our customers.

We’re keen to hear everyone’s idea, whether they’re big or small. To suggest an idea head to the Insurance Factory section of the community and start a new thread telling us all about it.

Once an idea has been suggested, it’ll be discussed by the team here at BMU and by fellow community members in your thread. As your idea develops we’ll regularly discuss it and if it’s something we think could potentially become a reality and want to investigate more, we’ll add it onto the New Ideas board in the #HackLab and keep you updated with its progress.

We look forward to hearing all your ideas!
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  1. GabrieL's Avatar
    Massive achievement. Great job @Frenchie44 @UnknownError and BMU Community!
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